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Never Leave an ON or OFFline Appearance Empty Handed!

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Monetize your Message from any Platform and Generate Leads that Pay Off Every Time.  Speaking is the Fastest, Easiest, And Most Effective Way To Attract More Clients, Earn More Money, And Grow Your Business. If you want to master any platform and sell with authenticity and success . . . 
This Program Will Show You How!  

Special Message From Jane M Powers...



I don’t know about you, but I love converting easily from any platform, whether ON or OFFline. Unfortunately, most of the time I find many are working way too hard in their business and not making enough MONEY!  


I developed my Speak to Profit Program after watching far too many people leave too much money on the table. My goal is to help you make money every time you open your mouth. I don't care if you are in a boardroom presenting, on a podcast interviewing, or the big stage. You MUST make money with your message!

Do you fall just short of speaking with confidence and selling with authority every time you open your mouth?

Are you tired of sharing what you do resulting in no one buying?

Could you be boring, confusing, and inconsistent and no one is telling you?

Are you unable to Monetize your Message ONline, or OFF?

Well, You're not alone...

I get it! I used to get paid in hugs. 


I was hitting the platform with a talk that generated inspiration, provided education, and motivation. It just didn’t sell. 


You see, most experts, authors, and coaches STRUGGLE to get their message out there, attract the clients they want, and make any real money. It is truly staggering to know that on average most coaches make $28,000 a year. They are simply stuck in the vicious cycle of not converting their message into a talk that sells.  


"I was fed up with hugs. Don’t get me wrong . . . I love hugs, they just don’t pay the bills. I began my mission to figure out how to get hugs AND get paid. I was never going to speak for free again."  ~ Jane M Powers




  • Networking
  • Full on presentations  
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • On and Offline Platforms


Name it, we will create a presentation that sells every time and makes a difference with . . . A HUGE IMPACT! 


The Speak to Profit Program and INTROmercial Formula will literally have you selling in just 17.5 seconds. No matter how long you have been speaking or if you have ever spoken at all.  

Earn more money, help more people, & have a whole lot more free time. 


Speak with Confidence and Sell with Authority every time you open your mouth, using my Speak to Profit Formula!

Jump into a faster, easier, more efficient way to connect, capture, and close your ideal client so you can serve at the highest level!  


When you speak to profit, you escape “hug payments” and lack of conversions, as well as the time-for-money trap. You are able to make a whole lot more money AND have a whole lot more free time.

"I've been speaking for over 30 years and have mastered the art and science of speaking to profit. I consistently add 5 and 6 figures to my business over and over again by speaking to profit. I rarely get paid a fee, but I never speak for FREE. It is a brilliant way to speak one-to-many and convert more. I have delivered to a room of 15 people over lunch and closed $38,000 without selling a thing. Eureka! I figured it out."  ~  Jane M Powers  


Start having 5 and 6-figure pay days by delivering a single talk that profits every time.

That's what is possible when you . . . Speak with Confidence and Sell with Authority.

Master the Art of Speaking to PROFIT from any platform . . . whatever venue or medium you desire - stage, video, podcast, radio, or panels and always get paid. 


Learn the Secrets to a Profitable Message and IMPACTFUL Talk.


Monetize their message and grow a real business.


Assure you have the 7 key elements in your talk that actually make you money. 

If you are missing even just one of these 7 elements, your talk is positioned to inspire, not sell. 

Good news! I've already done all the heavy lifting for you and discovered these elements you must master in order to be successful and easily convert audiences from any platform, over and over again.  

These 7 Key Elements are the foundation of my "Speak to Profit Bootcamp" Program.  Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to Speak with Confidence and Sell with Authority to master your message and monetize it easily.


Here's more about the in-depth training
you'll get when you register...

Get On More Platforms: ON and OFFline

Part 1: Get Booked Today: Where to go to get speaking gigs and start a surge of high paying clients.

The first step in speaking your way to success is knowing where to go to get booked. As a result of over 30 years of professional experience, I have compiled this powerful list to make it easy for you to go out and get booked, now! Get Booked Today includes hidden and not so hidden meetings, organizations, and platforms for you to convert more audiences into paying clients.

Part 2: 29 Fail-Proof Booking Tips: How to get on more platforms and build your business, your list, and your bank account.

Now that you know WHERE to find the speaking gigs, it's crucial that you master HOW to get booked over and over again. There is a science to navigating the booking conversation that puts you in the driver's seat and gets you in front of your ideal audience. These 29 fail-proof ways will result in landing numerous speaking gigs—but more importantly, will generate Big Impact and Big Income. 


You will navigate the booking process, both on and offline. You will find your way onto stages, podcasts, and platforms of all kinds with a few easy steps.

Your Unique INTROmercial Formula

You will develop an engaging powerful INTROmercialⓇ  that sells, in order to create the results that you want. 


You will learn how to deliver the most powerful and authentic version of your message to easily attract all the right clients. Bonus, you gain an unfair sales advantage! 


As they say . . . you will have them at HELLO!  

Craft Your Big Cash Talk / WOW

Discover the simple strategy to easily capture and connect with your audience in a way that screams, you are no ordinary speaker! You will begin to create your one-size-fits-all talk that sells, whether on or offline.  

You will discover how to command your audience in a way that sets you up for true success. 

You will also learn the simple strategy to effectively deliver your message, specifically target the people you want in your business, and avoid the people you don't want so you only spend time working with the RIGHT people.  


You will move into the step-by-step system that builds high touch, high value relationships where people quickly get to know you, like you, and trust you so they feel comfortable making the decision to work with and pay you.

Position Me As The Expert

Learn how to position yourself as the Expert. You will gain clarity on your expertise and position yourself as the go-to person for the value you provide. Position Me is a key step to creating a big income talk. This is the time you establish your credibility, expertise, and authority.  

You will discover ways to, immediately, establish your status as an expert in order to command the platform. You will be demonstrating what you have done and accomplished. Establishing your position in a way that will show them you are the one to listen to for expert information. Master commanding the audience to mirror your confidence, energy, and establish yourself early.


Position Me will help you set yourself apart from the crowd and connect with authority to the audience.

Position Them To Act

This is a GAME CHANGER because this ONE SKILL is the the MOST IMPORTANT when it comes to providing massive value to your audience, supporting them in getting great results that keeps them coming back for more, and turning them into life-long clients. 


Get crystal clear on your message. Target who and start poking the bruise.  You will laser in on the problem you solve in the marketplace, and their top-of-mind pain point. Positioning your audience’s pain and problem is imperative in making a meaningful connection with your audience. AND - easily having them say YES to your offer.  

Learn to help your audience become aware of their top-of-mind pain, problem, or question. Discover the vital components in your talk that are necessary to open up your audience and help them see that you understand their frustration, pain, and problem. Develop an authentic approach, which is paramount and crucial to engagement and enrollment.  


Position your audience to want what you have to offer because they feel the connection, trust, and that you get them! Design a talk that sells by poking the bruise of your listener. They will thank you for it.

You will also begin implementing strategies in your business that create lifelong clients who get amazing results and become not just raving fans who refer a ton of clients, but great friends with deep meaningful relationships

Creating Compelling Content and a Can't Say NO Call to Action

When you join the program, you will learn how to captivate an audience, how to create the most powerful environment from the platform, and how to create the most value for your audience. 


You will discover the "art of the call to action" - how to overcome objections throughout your talk, as well as ask the right questions at the right time that leads your audience to buy. You will also create the most powerful experience for them that’s possible.  

You will get a step-by-step framework for delivering powerful content that blows your audience’s mind. You will learn how to create a talk that facilitates maximum engagement, interaction, and sales.  


Creating compelling content is a step-by-step process that leads to the call to action, either paid or free.  

Every talk must have compelling content in order to provide valuable information to the audience, yet, not too much and not too little. It is essential to provide the right amount and to create the environment that people derive value. 


You will learn how to create a powerful and memorable experience with compelling segments in your talk that enable your participants to want more of what you offer every time. 


You will discover how to find and create content that is of high value to your audience and how to put it into a framework that is easy to teach and easy to be understood, but more importantly, is acted upon by your audience.  


Call to Action: The entire talk leads to this exact moment . . . the OFFER. Discover how to create content in your talk that contains educational, inspirational, and valuable material that sells. Learn how to weave in seeding, testimonials, examples, and successes that will inform the audience about your work in the world. Determine your call to action and how to assure everything in your talk revolves around it, whether it is a free or paid offer. 


Overcome the greatest barriers to selling from stage and how to seamlessly transition from content to close. Easily move the audience to say yes to whatever you offer with an authentic delivery and simple process. Follow the steps to make your offer a no brainer.

And this is just the BEGINNING of what you'll get when you join the program.


The "Speak to Profit Program" is different than every other training program out there because it is very interactive and hands on with a focus on IMPLEMENTATION and RESULTS. 


This is not simply information . . . it is coaching and support so you can quickly and easily speak to profit, speak with confidence, and sell with authority. Clarify your message and never again be boring, confusing, and inconsistent in your delivery. 


If you're ready for a higher level of converting your ideal clients, easier and faster, join me for the Speak to Profit Bootcamp.  

Get All This When You Join The "Speak to Profit Program"  

6 Training Modules Key Elements to Successfully Convert From any Platform $3997 Value

When you register today, you'll get access to the comprehensive training your Speak to Profit Program offers. Most talks fail because they do not have ALL 7 of the Speak to Profit elements AND if they do, they are in the wrong order. When you go through this program, you'll gain a deep understanding of each element and the tools to implement them so your business quickly becomes a lasting success.

Gain Access Future Events and Trainings 

Masterminds, Speaker BootCamps,

and Let's Talk IMPACT Events
$1997 Value  

When you register today, you'll get access to a variety of support trainings. Each event, will be focused on the crucial tools necessary monetize your message, as well as support you on a higher level to implement the information and get RESULTS. 

These evemts will be very interactive and you'll have the opportunity to get your questions answered and support from me.   

The value you'll get by joining this community will blow you away. This is a place to connect with other members and access additional support and guidance in crafting a talk that sells every time, attracts more clients, and makes more money. You're going to love the community here!  

What Others Are Saying...

Over 20 people try sell their speaker training. Jane M. Powers was the one person who I really resonated with, her wit and humor, her ability to command a room and her ability to sell in an aligned and powerful way.  


I hired Jane to help me craft my opening, TIGHTEN my message and sell in an aligned manner in 90 min or less and over the span of 6 month I went from converting 5K in a presentation to my personal best of $128,000 in 75 minutes!”  


~ Jay Fiset

After 1 week of workig with Jane, I made $18,000 and 3 weeks later I made $6000 and still growing. Jane cut out my busy work and gave me a prioritized step by step plan on making money fast. 


I learned exactly how to attract my ideal clients and I am able to give a 100% endorsement of her. Trust her, she is over the top in helping you leverage your time.  

~ Heidi Mount 

Just wanted to send you note to let you know how much I enjoyed your program. You are such a dynamo!  


The information you provided was really terrific. From INTROmercial to developing content for a signature talk to knowing how to read prospects and respond to their objections, I can't praise your content enough.  


~ Jan Fishler 

What More Do I Get?

Bonus #1

Access to In-Person or Virtual Events ​

When you attend any training event, you will get hands-on training in speaking and sales. You can learn how to find your perfect speaking opportunities, how to sell at the premium level package, and to create a real and lasting business around your message.  

Gain a high level of hands-on support from me, my business partner, and other experts to position yourself perfectly in the marketplace. 

Learn additional marketing strategies to fill your sales funnel, grow your business, and make a bigger impact in the world.  

$1997 Value

Bonus #2

INTROmercialⓇ Formula for Ultimate Impact

Create your own unique INTROmercialⓇ


$997 Value

Bonus #3

Speaker Success Kit

Proven scripts and strategies to get booked time and time again.


$197 Value

Bonus #4

Start to Profit Program 

Start to Finish guides to know who, what, why, and how much to craft your pitch.


$197 Value

Bonus #5

Offer to Profit Guide

Craft your pitch authentically and powerfully!


$197 Value

Bonus #6

Road Map to Impact Live

15 day RoadMap Program: Including 2 Live calls to support you in your speaking and sales success.


$1497 Value


Total Speak to Profit Program Value


Bonus Package Value


Total  Value​


Your Investment Today

If you're ready for a high level of support and want to launch and run a successful and profitable mastermind so that you can escape the time for money trap, exponentially increase your income and grow your business...

I back up everything I create and my mission is for you is to get great results in your life and business. Because we stand behind the quality of the products and services we provide, we have a “We Won’t Let You Fail” Guarantee. When you follow the process, complete the homework, and participate on the live calls, where you can have your questions answered; we guarantee you will have the tools and support to Speak to Profit. If you’re still struggling after completing the 90-day program, one of our expert coaches will personally work with you to help you understand and apply the material so you can get rocking results!

Have questions? Want to talk to a human being?
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